We Provide Multiple Advantages for Multi Part Forms

For multiple-part applications, the quality of information imaged onto the subsequent parts is just as critical as what is imaged on the original part. That means the method used to transfer the data is just as important as the text itself. Or maybe your application requires that some data NOT be transferred to some or all of the parts. We can help you design your business forms to achieve those goals — and very likely beat the price you’re paying now.


Multi Part Forms Options

  • NCR or Bond Carbon:
    Select NCR or bond and carbon, depending on the application requirements.
  • Carbons – Pattern, Stripe & Flex Carbons:
    Keep selected information from appearing on some or all of the subsequent parts by having carbon printed on selected areas of the tissue.
  • Desensitizing or Sensitizing Ink:
    When using NCR papers in your forms, keep selected information from appearing on some or all of the subsequent parts by having a desensitized ink printed over those areas.
  • Spot Carbonizing on Bond:
    Keep selected information from appearing on some or all of the subsequent parts by using Carbonizing Bond paper and by printing only a pattern of carbon on the backer.


Additional colors can be used to segment areas of a business form, making it easier for internal operations or recipients. For example, the “Account Number” or “Due Date” wording or data entry area could be screened in another color to draw attention to these important areas. Our multi-color capabilities include:

  • Up to 3 Colors on 4-1/4″ & 8-1/2″ Forms
  • Up to 4 Colors on 3-1/2″ & 7″ Forms
  • Up to 6 Colors on 3-2/3″, 5-1/2″, & 11″ Forms


Numbering is the means of tracking business information, whether it’s a job ticket, invoice, repair order, purchase order, requisition, check, or any other application.

  • Press or Crash Numbering
  • Consecutive & Static MICR Encoding
  • MOD 7, 9, & 11 Arabic & MICR Numbering

Perforations And Punching

What is done with the form after it has been imaged is important to how your information system operates. Creating forms with portions that can be easily separated requires precision equipment and planning. King Printing Solutions can help you design the right business form for your customer with a variety of perforating or punching applications.

  • Press Punching on just those individual parts requiring it
  • Clear-thru punching when the application requires it on all parts
  • Clean Edge Perforations for easy separation and clean edges
  • Die Cutting in a variety of sizes and shapes for special applications
  • Mylar Reinforced Holes for long-term filing requirements

Fastening, Special Gluing and Construction

How the various parts are fastened to each other can vastly improve how a business form functions in the printer, and can also improve business processes. Contact us for assistance in how we can design the right construction for the application.

  • Creating a form with up to eight parts insure all the functions involved in the application are notified of the activity.
  • Macrowave Gluing for Up To eight parts can be used to create and separate a set of parts from the entire form.
  • Crossweb Gluing can be used to create a pocket or envelope, very useful for repair orders, for example.
  • Interrupt Gluing is used to fasten only a portion of one part to another, creating a set which can used after imaging.
  • Transfer Tape Parallel to the web can be used to reseal an envelope, or attach a form (or part) to some object.
  • Adhesive Glue can be used to create or seal a return envelope.

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