KingSeal: The industry standard in pressure seal mailers.

KingSeal is our pressure seal mailer—a one-part form that folds and seals to create a mail piece without requiring envelopes—the form itself also serves as the envelope. Unique to King Printing Solutions, our pressure seal is the industry leader, carrying the mark of quality and assurance. KingSeal Pressure Seal offers three key benefits: functionality, ease of use and security.

KingSeal mailers turn a single document into a ready-to-use, self-contained envelope. Your information is printed and securely sealed, eliminating the staging and inserting steps, as well as the envelope costs associated with traditional mailing. Mailers can be folded several ways, depending on the content of your message.  Click here to see folding options.

Ease of Use

KingSeal works with virtually any printer. KingSeal Pressure Seal uses a dry cohesive that requires no water to activate the adhesive, which keeps your processing environment clean and reduces make ready and clean up time.

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Security & Confidentiality

Our method of creating KingSeal Pressure Seal produces a secure document that is UNMATCHED. Our aggressive cohesive creates excellent fiber tear revealing any tampering. KingSeal mailers are one part forms with all data entry on the original image. This feature makes it incredibly difficult to alter information when compared to carbon or carbonless forms. Additional security features can be added to any mailer for those extra sensitive documents, click here to see more.

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