Laser printing with laser like precision.

Jumbo Laser Rolls are designed to maximize the efficiency and productivity of high speed continuous laser printers. Here’s how:

  • Laser Rolls eliminate the downtime required to change cartons of form products. One roll equals up to 14 cartons of conventional product, which means the printer operates up to 20% longer during each shift.
  • Laser Rolls eliminate the need to dispose of form cartons, making the print room and warehouse more manageable, while reducing trash and waste.
  • Laser rolls can be cut rather than burst, resulting in documents with cleaner edges for smoother post-processing operations.
  • Laser Rolls are available for both data processing and direct mail applications. King supplies many direct mail marketers with the jumbo laser rolls they require for large volume speed laser imaging applications. We print the rolls with as many as 10 colors to create a multi-color piece that can be personalized on their roll-fed laser printers.
 Features of Jumbo Laser Rolls
  • 50″ Rolls for Optimum Laser Printing
  • Available in 3″, 5″, or 6″ Cores
  • True 50″ Rolls without Excessive Tension
  • 1 to 10 Colors
  • 100% UV Printing
  • Printing on Face and Back
  • Custom Packing for Shipping
  • File Hole Punching
  • Extra Perforations

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