Rotoflex VLI-500 Slitter Inspection Rewind

The Rotoflex VLI is a premier inspection, slitting and rewind system with expanded capabilities for more advanced applications and high-speed production. It is ideal for film, film packaging and other tension-sensitive materials.

The VLI can be configured to meet a full range of applications and substrates including:

  • Foil
  • Light Carton
  • Paper Labels
  • Specialty


Serial Number:                                         1474909

Max Web Width:                                      20.25”

Min Web Width:                                       10”

Max Unwind Diameter:                             30”

Max Rewind Diameter:                             24”

Maximum Machine Speed:                       950 fpm

Shear Knife Slitting

Dual Rewinds:                1”, 1.5”, 3”, 6” shafts

Controls: Genesis Controller-Level 3 (Count, Missing Label)

Edge Guide: Ultrasonic Sensor

Inspection System: High Intensity Stroboscope

Static Eliminator: Combined Active/Passive Electronic Bar

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