Guard against theft with our KingGuard Document Security System.

Protect all your negotiable instruments against forgeries and fraud with our King Guard® Document Security System. Layering at least two or more security features into your sensitive business documents, and safeguard all your important papers.

Security Documents
  • UV Dull or UV Dead stock
  • Along with visible and/or invisible fibers, print a portion of the piece in a fluorescent ink. The fluorescent image will only be visible when place under an ultraviolet light source. Some company logos are ideal for this type of application.
Prismatic Pantographs

This is a gradual blending of two or more colors, creating an overlap. Each color typically vignettes from dark to light. The range of tone achieved makes photocopying difficult.

Void Pantographs

Repeated patterns or designs creating a background in which the word “VOID” is hidden in the pattern. These are not guaranteed to work on all printers.


True fourdrinier watermarks, made in the fabric of the paper during manufacturing, and artificial watermarks, made with different ink or screen applications, help add another layer of fraud deterrence.

Chemical Reagents and Erasure Inks

The security grade paper stock contains chemical reagents. Erasure inks disappear, leaving blank white paper when tampered with.

Magnetic Inks

Magnetic inks can offer another level of protection.

Thermochromatic Ink

Heat sensitive ink, image or graphic done in thermochromatic ink disappears when rubbed with finger.


We offer rotary embossing on our web presses. The area embossed has a raised image that is impossible to duplicate on a photocopier. We can overprint the embossed area or do blind embossing (embossing on blank paper to create a silhouette).

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