King Printing Solutions Adds Wide-Format Digital Printing

NEW TAZEWELL, TN (July 25, 2019)—King Printing Solutions has added wide-format digital technology to its wide range of printing services. The company offers large format printing on a variety of media, including paper, fabric, canvas, vinyl, and other substrates. The...

Direct Mail: Still A Powerful Marketing Tool

NEW TAZEWELL, TN (June 22, 2019)—While some forms of traditional advertising have lost effectiveness to new technologies like online advertising and search, direct mail still produces powerful results. According to the Data & Marketing Association, direct mail...

Keeping Important Documents Secure Is More Important—And Easier Than Ever

NEW TAZEWELL, TN (December 11, 2018)—There are thieves everywhere. And as individuals have gotten access to color printers and other imaging tools, they’ve targeted valuable documents. This used to be fairly rare—it just wasn’t worth a criminal’s time to try to fake a...

Are Your Instruction Manuals Working for Your Brand?

NEW TAZEWELL, TN (April 17, 2019)—Often, the first impression a customer has of your company is the instruction manual that comes with your product. Manuals are an opportunity to build brand loyalty and to encourage customers to buy other products you make. But many...

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King Printing Solutions Started By Making Business Forms. It’s Still A Core Of Our Company.

King Printing Solutions was established as a printer of custom forms, and it is still one of our specialties.

Our technologies can provide you with amazing options.

Pharmacy and Form/Label Combinations
Since it’s the first one, seems we need some sort of intro before sending them off to the link to learn more? Learn more about our Twin-Web Products

Government Forms
King Printing Solutions currently works with a number of municipal and county governments to offer customized, cost-effective forms that let you project the right professional image—and manage your costs.

These include:

  • Citation books with return envelopes
  • Secure pressure seal forms for checks and payroll
  • Multi-part forms for licenses, deliveries, inventory, and other uses
  • Custom forms depending on your needs
  • We can provide you with quotes on existing forms, or help you design new form applications

Continuous, Snap-A-Parts, and Checks
For multiple-part applications, the quality of information imaged onto the subsequent parts is just as critical as what is imaged on the original part. We can help you design your business forms (in up to eight parts) to achieve those goals — and very likely beat the price you’re paying now.

Multi-part form options include:

  • NCR or Bond Carbon
  • Desensitizing or Sensitizing Ink
  • Spot Carbonizing on Bond
  • Up to six colors depending on form size
  • Encoding and Numbering
  • Perforations and Punching
  • Clean Edge Perforations for easy separation
  • Die Cutting in a variety of sizes and shapes for special applications
  • Mylar Reinforced Holes for long-term filing requirements
  • Fastening, Special Gluing and Construction

Laser Cut Sheets
The ongoing growth of cut sheet printers in the market requires expertise in how forms for these printing systems are designed and produced. We can help you select the correct laser cut paper, perforations, and inks to make these forms process smoothly and consistently in your printers.

  • 24 or 28 Lb. white laser compatible bond for normal uses (Other custom stock as needed)
  • Up to 10 Colors Using Laser Compatible and UV Inks
  • Invisible Perforations
  • Numbering and Punching

We offer other specialized form options:

Let Us Help with Your Next Project.

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